What is coursework in PHD

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PhD coursework is a serious scientific study of a student, which is provided for by the curricula of universities and secondary specialized educational institutions already in the first courses. The number of coursework in different educational institutions is different (usually one job per year, less often two). Writing term papers is the preparation of a student for a more serious scientific research.

In the process of writing a term paper, you will be able to determine in which direction it is more accessible and more enjoyable for you to work, and also get the skills to search and systematize sources of literature, to study and analyze theoretical material.

Course work is a small independent study of the student, which is performed on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th courses. The study is necessarily carried out under the supervision of the supervisor.

The student chooses the supervisor himself from among the teachers of the department. If a student, for some reason, cannot select a supervisor, the department at the council appoints him.

There are two main stages that a student must go through before putting a mark on the coursework in the register:

  1. writing a term paper (topic selection, search for scientific sources, systematization, analysis of theoretical material, work on the practical part);
  2. protection of research results.

Types of coursework

Depending on the topic of the course work, methods and techniques of research, there are two directions of coursework:

  • Research work. Their goal is to study the problem posed based on an analysis of existing scientific sources. The practical part of such works is aimed at testing theories, hypotheses, developed models or methods.
  • Applied works are aimed at developing their projects or models based on existing theoretical material. Usually, works of this kind are given to 3rd and 4th-year students who have had experience in writing research papers.

Following rules, the amount of course work is 25-30 printed pages. The text is printed on one side of the sheet. You also need to consider the following parameters:

  • the width of the fields is standard: upper, lower is at least 2 cm, left is at least 3 cm, and right is at least 1 cm;
  • font size is not less than 12 pt., But traditionally used 14 pt;